“Spirit” Airlines finally gets the “spirit”

As we look to business leaders to provide glowing examples of exemplary customer service, we often learn more from the dolts than the do-gooders. So is the case of Spirit Airlines refusing a “dying” U.S. military veteran a refund for a flight he could not physically take. Yes, that’s right…a dying veteran.

Ben Baldanza, the venerable CEO of Spirit originally went out of his way to explain the logic and business acumen that drove his decision not to refund the meager sum to the veteran, and even was interviewed on TV, explaining his position.

But all he really needed to know to make the right decision, was two words, “dying veteran”. Baldanza eventually retreated from his unpopular stance and provided the refund and even made a donation to a veteran’s charity…but the damage to the already shaky public image of Spirit Airlines  has already been done. I do wonder how some ascend to the position of authority and influence, without the least bit of evident common sense.  To that point, my next post will be about politicians!

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