Template for Success?

Experience is the life blood of our “intellectual property”. It sells our services on resume’s and brochures. But how we apply that experience can make all the difference when it comes to bringing our expertise to present opportunities. Those that have the albilty to understand how to adapt and apply experience to new situations are always in high demand. On the other hand, if we view experience as a pure template that can be 100% applied to new situations because “it worked in the past”….those folks more often than not…. find that mysteriously, the same success is not replicated.

The reasons for “templates” not working the second or third time around are numerous, but most often I find they do not account for the changes in consumer sentiment, recognizing that running the promotion repeatedly will diminish it’s impact,  and the difference in competition that often vary over time and from one geography to the next .

The supermarket industry is unfortunately notorious for relying on “tried and true” promotions, expecting the same results despite the aforementioned issues.  In fact we cling on to promotions and marketing schemes for such extended periods of time,  that even if they are compelling to the shopper, they die of over exposure.   


I could supply a laundry list of examples of over-exposed and unmodified template promotions that have died a pre-mature death.  I suppose you could as well.  While past experiences are vital for success, especially when it comes to not repeating promotions and programs  that were utter disasters, repeating successful programs and promotions should be done in a thoughtful way…. acknowledging how an ever-changing enivornment may dictate modifications. It is this process that will keep promotions and initiatives fresh for the consumer, profitable for brand and retailer and adaptive to a dynamic market place!

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