Introducing Accelerated Merchandising

NEW-NEW-AM-e1439137081764Shopper Time Management has become a critical component of the continuing viability of the physical retail store.  

Dr. Herb Sorensen and Mark Heckman have co-founded a new research-based technique to measure, benchmark, and continually improve the shopper centricity of physical retail stores based upon the principal of the Five Vital Tenets of Active Retailing.

In managing the shopper’s time, the product mix, and the product location in the store, the contemporary physical store retailer has an opportunity to level the playing field with both smaller format stores and new on-line alternatives.

In the vast majority of larger physical stores today, shoppers migrate to a common “Dominant Path” as they make their way through the aisles, departments, and displays.   Identifying this path and leveraging the traffic that it generates is only one of the many measurable benefits of the Accelerated Merchandising™ process.dompath

Study after study identifies that as much as 85% of the shopper’s time in-store is wasted maneuvering through the store, not buying. Recovering just a fraction of this time spent going from point A to point B to actual purchasing activity, creates a significant incremental bump in the retailer’s transaction size as well as endear the retailer to the shopper through these improved efficiencies.

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