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Do Our Customers Value Our Current Loyalty Programs as Much as We Do?

Loyalty Programs – Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes

Pre-posted with Permission by author, Jack Kennamer

March 2014

When it comes to loyalty programs, we know what we love and what we’d change if we could.  We love the deals, offers, and rewards. What we hate is being aked for personal information, filling out registration forms, having to go to websites and create yet another account.Juggling shopper

We know what it feels like giving a complete stranger our e-mail, phone number, address and more; or being asked to recite this sensitive information in front of a line of complete strangers. All of this hassle just to receive yet another loyalty card to add to our ever-growing stack or adding another mobile app we’ll probably never use more than once. We have all been there, and most the time we just say “no thanks”.

If, by some chance we do sign up, we are then faced with the aftermath of joining…e-mails, tons of them, day and night with no rhyme or reason.

For those of us in the retail business, as soon as we leave work we become a customer with the merchants we shop.  We all deal with these exact same issues day in and day out. I don’t think we’d find a consumer out there that loves the current “linear” loyalty system of today.  Just Ask. So, why not make it as easy as possible for consumers to enroll and participate?

What if we, as consumers could go into any merchant offering a loyalty program and enroll with the swipe of a single card, or the scan of a single app?  Just one! Not a deck of loyalty cards or a smartphone full of apps. Would that make us more likely to participate? No forms, no personal questions, no websites to hunt for to enroll in, just a single swipe! Of course it would!

And what if we, as a consumer, knew that our personal information was safe and secure, wouldn’t that make it easier and safer and less of a concern to join a merchant’s loyalty program?  We all know the answer – it is an emphatic YES!

What if we knew that our e-mail box was not going to explode when we joined and offers would come to us in way that makes them useable and specific to who we are? Would that make it easier to join?  Of course it would!

“Spirit” Airlines finally gets the “spirit”

As we look to business leaders to provide glowing examples of exemplary customer service, we often learn more from the dolts than the do-gooders. So is the case of Spirit Airlines refusing a “dying” U.S. military veteran a refund for a flight he could not physically take. Yes, that’s right…a dying veteran.

Ben Baldanza, the venerable CEO of Spirit originally went out of his way to explain the logic and business acumen that drove his decision not to refund the meager sum to the veteran, and even was interviewed on TV, explaining his position.

But all he really needed to know to make the right decision, was two words, “dying veteran”. Baldanza eventually retreated from his unpopular stance and provided the refund and even made a donation to a veteran’s charity…but the damage to the already shaky public image of Spirit Airlines  has already been done. I do wonder how some ascend to the position of authority and influence, without the least bit of evident common sense.  To that point, my next post will be about politicians!