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Five Important Questions Most Retailers Cannot Answer

Managing the retail business in 2016 has never been anything but challenging, but with the mountain of business intelligence data available today it has becoming equally challenging to determine which metrics are the most effective tools in that process. When the retail business is growing,

It’s About Time ….Making the Case for Shopper Time Management

Most would agree that we have entered in a period of radical change in shopping behavior. Almost nothing is the same as it was a mere five years ago. New on-line competitors, technology aided shopping apps provide shoppers new options and retailers new ways to

Amazon Must Deal with “e-Out-of-Stocks”

Welcome to the vagaries of retailing, Amazon. With the advent of the recent “Prime Day ” event that promised “Black Friday” type deals and excitement, many (if not most) shoppers were left with the equivalent of looking at bare shelves. Certainly there is an understanding

Playing “Small Ball”…..the New Game in Retailing

“Small” is the latest “big thing” in contemporary retailing in 2015.     Ironically, the impetus for the reduction in size of store footprints is in significant part due to a recent trend of building huge stores over the past two decades. During that period, Walmart,

From The MorningNewsBeat: No Plan Survives Contact With The Enemy

Wednesday Morning Eye-Opener: By Kevin Coupe Businesses of all kinds got some great advice from a sage military strategist this week, as retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal appeared on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” the other evening. He was there to plug his new book,

From the MorningNewsBeat: Study Points To $1.75 Trillion In Retail Inefficiencies

There’s a new study out suggesting that “retailers worldwide lose a staggering $1.75 trillion annually due to the cost of overstocks, out-of-stocks and needless returns” – three components of what the study is a kind of “Ghost Economy” haunting retail. “These inefficiencies, the study says,

Marketing, Merchandising, and Technological Solutions for Retailers and their Partners

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About Mark Heckman 

Mark brings over 25 years of retail, brand and technology experience to each consulting project.

Mark is a former SVP of Marketing, building his career and expertise from store operations out to consumer marketing.  He understands the issues and the imperatives of his clients and devises solutions and insights with a practitioner’s perspective.

He is one of very few specialist on in-store shopping behavior as it relates to traffic flow and its related impact on departmental and categorical performance. markkaryn

Heckman has worked with great companies such as Marsh Supermarkets, Randalls-Tom Thumb, Valassis Relationship Marketing Systems,  Marc Advertising, and Sorensen Research.  He is past chairman of the Food Marketing Institute’s Consumer Research Committee, and is listed in the Who’s Who of Shopper Marketing (2011).

MHC Areas of Expertise


  • In-store Layout (Traffic Flow) Design
  • Retail Industry Speaker and Panel Moderator
  • Omni-Channel Communication Strategies
  • Technology Adaptation Planning
  • Customer Loyalty and Shopper Engagement
  • Market Positioning
  • Digital Content Applications
  • Return on Investment Process
  • Mobile Shopper Applications
  • Introducing New Technology to Retailers and Brand Partners
  • Shopper Marketing Research and Applications
  • Comprehensive Strategy Sessions

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