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Retail Consulting

Latest from MHC

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Affordable Consumer Insights

Collecting customer insights has never been more important to crafting a shopper centric business plan, but its also never been more affordable and available than ever before.  Those of us that toiled in the market research business for the past 25 years can vouch for

The Necessary and Long Overdue Re-invention of ‘Center Store”

June 16, 2017  Most of us would agree that over the past twenty years the lion’s share of the focus and creativity within the supermarket has occurred on the perimeter of store. This is true for a number of reasons. Retailers have deliberately placed their

Operating in an Over-stored Marketplace

  In my view, the over-storing of America is perhaps the most immediate and imposing problem facing retailers, especially those who have invested heavily in expanding their physical footprint over recent years. The public investment community, industry pundits and retailers themselves have used the “plan

Who Moved My Cheese….Literally?

Who Moved My Cheese? Literally. Thinking back to the classic business book written by Dr. Spencer Johnson back in 1998, I find both the premise and the title to be very thematic to the challenges bricks and mortar retailers now face with their category placement

Aligning Inventory Investment To Consumer Demand

From the Teradata Conference, September 13, 2016 Atlanta, Georgia     Presented by Victor-Luis Gualdi , IT Manager at La Anonima in Argentina And Carlos Machain, Carrefour   It is always interesting to hear retailers outside the U.S. present their versions of many of the

It’s Time for Bricks and Mortar Stores to Emulate their On-line Rivals

By Mark Heckman / August 2016 It is not news to anyone associated with retailing, that Amazon and other on-line retailers continue to carve out increasingly large portions of market share traditionally owned by bricks and mortar stores. This phenomenon is driven both by vastly

Marketing, Merchandising, and Technological Solutions for Retailers and their Partners


Click on Image to Review and Purchase Dr. Sorensen’s New Book. Heckman Expands on “Accelerated Merchandising” in Chapter 2.

Dr. Herb Sorensen and Mark Heckman have teamed to create a new, shopper centric approach to store layout, category placement, and merchandising, called Accelerated Merchandising.  It’s focus produces shopper efficiency and enhanced transaction sizes.  More details of Accelerated Merchandising are provided in the newly released second edition of Dr. Sorensen’s top selling book, Inside the Mind of the Shopper. 



About Mark Heckman 

Mark brings over 30 years of retail, brand and technology experience to each consulting project.

Mark is a former SVP of Marketing, building his career and expertise from store operations out to consumer marketing.  He understands the issues and the imperatives of his clients and devises solutions and insights with a practitioner’s perspective.

He is one of very few specialist on in-store shopping behavior as it relates to traffic flow and its related impact on departmental and categorical performance. 

Heckman has worked with great companies such as Marsh Supermarkets, Randalls-Tom Thumb, Valassis Relationship Marketing Systems,  Marc Advertising, and Sorensen Research.  He is past chairman of the Food Marketing Institute’s Consumer Research Committee, and is listed in the Who’s Who of Shopper Marketing (2011).

MHC Areas of Expertise


  • In-store Layout (Traffic Flow) Design
  • Retail Industry Speaker and Panel Moderator
  • Omni-Channel Communication Strategies
  • Technology Adaptation Planning
  • Customer Loyalty and Shopper Engagement
  • Market Positioning
  • Digital Content Applications
  • Return on Investment Process
  • Mobile Shopper Applications
  • Introducing New Technology to Retailers and Brand Partners
  • Shopper Marketing Research and Applications
  • Comprehensive Strategy Sessions

Contact Mark Heckman at:




rw-new-300Mark is a RetailWire Braintrust Panelist.  
Follow his remarks at 



Mark Heckman Consulting 

5526 Whitehead Street
Bradenton, FL 34203
@markaheckman   Twitter