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Chasing the Ghosts of Shoppers of the Past.


The deliberate, time rich shopper of the past, to whom we market our stores, no longer exists. Quite the contrary, In general shoppers are time starved, distracted, and in some cases just flat out annoyed when they enter our stores. This new shopper increasingly finds ways to short-circuit the store plan, finding their items and

Industry Coupon Conference in Orlando

ACP Conference

Join Mark Heckman at the Association for Coupon Professionals Industry Coupon Conference April 22–24, 2014 Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL The Conference Planning Task Force, led by co-chairs Stanley Wadford, Winn Dixie and Earl Ellsworth, Universal Marketing, are finalizing details for the 2014 conference to be held at the


Sansolo Speaks: Walk in the Shoes of Your Customer by Michael Sansolo Life is full of small details that we don’t often think about. Little things like the competence of the mechanic who worked on an airplane part that is so critical to your flight. Or the attention span of the driver next to you

How You Measure Success Goes A Long Way to Determining If You Achieve It!!

More than a few years back, I had the very special privilege of being a part of a strategic discussion with Feargal Quinn, the iconic Irish grocery retailer. During that discussion,  the question was raised as to how Quinn prioritized his day.  Without hesitation he noted that the very first thing he did each morning

Training and Retaining Associates is Key for “Bricks and Mortar” Retailers

As consumers become increasingly more comfortable with ordering everything from soup to nuts on-line, the onus on bricks and mortar retailers to create a “value-added” in-store environment correspondingly increases. As intuitive as that sounds, many retailers still regard training and employee retention as a luxury they cannot afford, as labor costs remain the “easiest” target

We Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Despite vehement denials to the contrary, retailers often unwittingly create silos within the corporate structure that at times foster more of a competitive rather than a cooperative environment between departments and business units. For those of us that have spent time behind the desk at a retailer, we can likely come up with a few


MHC Key Areas of Focus

  • Comprehensive Strategy Sessions

  • Retail Industry Forum Speaker and Panel Moderator

  • Mobile Applications and Payment Systems

  • retailperformanceFormulating Cogent Business Models for New Technology and Initiatives

  • Building and Adding Value to Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Applying Digital Technology and Content to Traditional Retail Platforms

  • Retail Marketing, Positioning

  • Pricing Models and Strategies

  • Consumer Research and Applications

  • Customer Data, Reporting and Analysis

  • Store Site Location

  • Shopper Traffic Flow and In-store Design

About Mark Heckman….

Mark brings over 25 years of retail, brand and technology experience to each consulting project.


Mark is a former SVP of Marketing, building his career and expertise from store operations out to consumer marketing.  He understands the issues and the imperatives of his clients and devises solutions and insights with a practitioner’s perspective.

Heckman has worked with great companies such as Marsh Supermarkets, Randalls-Tom Thumb, Valassis Relationship Marketing Systems,  Marc Advertising, and Sorensen Research.  He is past chairman of the Food Marketing Institute’s Consumer Research Committee, and is listed in the Who’s Who of Shopper Marketing (2011).


retailwireMark is a RetailWire Braintrust Panelist.  
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