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Improving Customer Experience and Loyalty through Real-Time Marketing |

Improving Customer Experience and Loyalty through Real-Time MarketingSASBACK TO RESULTSWebinar: CEM / CRMTo be presented on September 16, 2014 at 1:00 PM EDTWhat drives customer loyalty? Consistently great customer experience, personalized products and services, value and convenience. Real-time marketing is a growing area where technology and analytics can rapidly make decisions that can improve those aspects of

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Zappos represents where customer service in retailer is headed.  Technology is available, but does the willingness to invest in strategic people and change exist at most bricks and mortar retailers? mh   by Kevin Coupe CNet reports that Amazon-owned Zappos has been testing a new service, called Ask Zappos, that “takes requests via image and works

Three Key Messages from Savvy Shoppers


  By Travis Lewis………… This year’s Inmar Forum brought a host of top speakers to Winston-Salem, including Andreas Weigend (formerly the chief data scientist at Amazon), Peter Fader from the Wharton School, John Phillips with PepsiCo, Matt Gymer of Novant Health and many, many others. But as insightful and informative as these and the other

Many Consumers Say Marketers’ Mobile Alerts Aren’t Useful or Relevant


Many Consumers Say Marketers’ Mobile Alerts Aren’t Useful or Relevant. When technology outpaces content and strategy, alerts and other automated consumer messages can become more of a negative distraction, than a positive disruption. Think before you hit “send” is an acxiom from which we can all benefit!  

So Many Retailers, So Little Time……

  Like many of you, I have become a very accomplished “speed deleter” of un-targeted and irrelevant retailer email.  I believe my record is a hundred and seven deleted emails in twenty-five seconds.  Too lazy to actually unsubscribe to the author of the email, I rationalize staying connected by believing that they may actually send me

Chasing the Ghosts of Shoppers of the Past.


The deliberate, time rich shopper of the past, to whom we market our stores, no longer exists. Quite the contrary, In general shoppers are time starved, distracted, and in some cases just flat out annoyed when they enter our stores. This new shopper increasingly finds ways to short-circuit the store plan, finding their items and

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About Mark Heckman….

Mark brings over 25 years of retail, brand and technology experience to each consulting project.


Mark is a former SVP of Marketing, building his career and expertise from store operations out to consumer marketing.  He understands the issues and the imperatives of his clients and devises solutions and insights with a practitioner’s perspective.

Heckman has worked with great companies such as Marsh Supermarkets, Randalls-Tom Thumb, Valassis Relationship Marketing Systems,  Marc Advertising, and Sorensen Research.  He is past chairman of the Food Marketing Institute’s Consumer Research Committee, and is listed in the Who’s Who of Shopper Marketing (2011).


retailwireMark is a RetailWire Braintrust Panelist.  
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